This installation was commissioned by Centre for Arts & Science as a part of their contribution to the Harbour Festival in Odense, 2012.
The theme was H.C. Ørsted, who is known for (a lot of things, including) discovering electro magnetism. As many electronic devices, the installation relies on electro magnetic concepts, such as electro magnetic coils, electro magnetic resonance etc.
The choice of lab equipment as sound objects was made to emphasize the scientific context… And because it looks nice and sounds great.
Several hundred kids, parents, grand parents, teenagers etc. grabbed the pen and gave a small, public improvisation during the weekend.

During 2013 Electro Magnetism was displayed at the museum in Rudkøbing, Langeland, HC Ørsteds city of birth.



In 2016 it was used in the video teaser for The OverHEARD – part of the official European Capital of Culture 2017 programme.