Jonas R. Kirkegaard



4 installations in Haderslev Domkirke (2021)


I was invited by the parish council to create an installation that would make visitors experience the church in a different way, than normal. The church is a sacred place and the work should not only respect that, but also support it (or at least try to). The nave is divided in sections by the pillars and pews and naturally invites visitors to walk around and explore the decorations of the church. The hope was that these 4 installations would support this explorative engagement and also make room for contemplative engagement of visiting through walking; sitting, listening, contemplating. The result was 4 “stations”, each with its own audible and visual expression.
The soundscape of each station was composed to be in accordance with each other, so standing in the middle of it all, hearing all the soundscapes at the same time, also resulted in a meaningful, sonic experience.

Lights and beach chairs in the church
More beach chairs within a 3-channel soundscape and light design by Alexander Rye
Map over the floorplan and the installations
BUSH PROTOTYPE - a wind turbine driven bell'ish installation
Wireless xylophone soundscape