Jonas R. Kirkegaard



By: Jonas R. Kirkegaard in collaboration with The Overheard (Morten Riis and Marie Højlund)

Commissioned by: Morten Søndergaard

Premiered at: Sorø Kunstmuseum as part of the exhhibition Sproghospitalet (The Language Hospital)

Supported by: The Agency for Culture and Palaces

Thanks to: Morten Søndergaard, Sorø Museum, Sorø Akademi, Peter Rasmussen, Svend Ejnar Fisker Langkjer


The installation is an adaptation of the installation Hemmeligheder Bygger Bro (Secrets Build Bridges) by The Overheard. The installation invites visitors to share a secret by talking into the microphone. The secret is then transformed into a percussive sequence that is played back on one of 12 objects. Slowly the sequence blends into a cacophony of secrets by other visitors, played back on the other 11 objects.Ejnar