Jonas R. Kirkegaard



Sound Art Treasure Hunt (2022)


  • Helene Appel, Haderslev Musikskole – for helping with everything
  • Øsby Skole – for building “Tallerkener og runde ting og en motor” together with me
  • Nustrup Skole – for building “Ukuleler og Motorer” together with me
  • Hoptrup Skole – for building “Plexiglas og ting” together with me
  • Trekantsområdets Festuge & Den Store Hemmelige Kunstjagt – for project support and financial support
  • Ehlers Samlingen, Haderslev – for lending us the garden
  • Haderslev Domkirke & KFUM – for lending us the medieval basements
Project description

The project was part of Trekantsområdets Festuge august/september 2022, and involved kids (3rd-6th grade from Nustrup, Øsby and Hoptrup Schools), building mechanical sound art installations together with me, at three workshops. The installations was installed in 4 “hidden” locations along a route in Haderslev city centre, where audience could get a map and explore the area and find the sound art installations by following a map, looking for clues and following the sound. The locations are either private, unacesseble or overlooked and included a medieval basement from 1465 and a private garden.

Artistic idea

One of my main motivations for working with sound art, is to let people meet art in unexpected places far away from the galleries and the commercial art industry. Many of us are so self aware all the time that we have a hard time forgetting ourselves, but if you suddenly find yourself in a arched basement among 10 slef playing ukuleles in a room that you are unsure if you are even allowed to enter, you might forget yourself for a second, and just experience something that doesn’t really fit into regular categories of experience. I like to create the potential for those kind of experiences to happen.

Another thing I really find meaningful is to work with kids and sound. That is a huge inspiration and in this project I started each of the school workshops with a talk about sound art and conceptual art, at a quite abstract level. But kids don’t know what abstract means, so they had no problem following along and joggling the concepts.

The 4 installations

(Under construction)

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"Plexiglas & Ting" by Hoptrup School and JRK @ Ehlers Samlingen, Haderslev
Closeup "Plexiglass & Stuff" by Hoptrup Skole and JRK
"Ukulele & motorer" by Nustrup Skole and JRK @ Kirkeladen, Haderslev Domkirke
Route of the treasure hunt in Haderslev city centre
"Tallerkener og runde ting og en motor" by Øsby School
"Trådløst klokkespil i Helenes Baghave" af JRK
Excerpt from workshop building instruction for "Ukuleler & motorer"