Jonas R. Kirkegaard



By: Jonas R. Kirkegaard

Commisioned by: The Overheard as part of the official programme for Aarhus2017 – European Capital of Culture

Premiered at: Water Tower at Lunden, Horsens, DK

Thanks to: Horsens Rengøring, Horsens Kommune, Horsens Kunstmuseum, The Overheard


Tower Music is a sound sculpture intended to support the architect’s adventurous vision with the medieval castle-like tower design and invites the public to enjoy the tower and the fabulous view of Horsens hinterland, fjord and city for the first time in many years. The sound sculpture consists of 54 automated music boxes mounted on fluorescent, acrylic panels, placed in random angles along the walls of the stairwell. While climbing the stairs to reach the viewing platform, visitors will find themselves wrapped in colour, light and a porous, slightly dissonant soundscape from the mechanics of the music boxes.