Jonas R. Kirkegaard




Jonas R. Kirkegaard (1982) is a danish sound artist, composer and sound designer working in the field of interaction design, sound installations, multi channel composition and designing “place specific” atmospheres through sound. Upon replacing nano science with music studies back in 2005, he now holds a masters degree in electronic music composition and has been doing sound installations, concerts and performances at Iceland Airwaves, Spot festival, National Gallery of Denmark, SPOR festival, Sonic Arts etc. He has a passion for prototyping, programming and hardware design based on low cost embedded platforms aimed at the DIY community. These new design tools form the basis of many of his own artistic works but is also the platform for research and lecturing carried out in his employment at Sonic College, University College South Denmark. Here he’s developing classes in multi channel composition, prototyping and interaction design aimed at sound designers.


Overview of projects, including sound art, interactive installations, music and performances